Frantic Amber, a Swedish female metal band has in collaboration with SWP recorded a total
of five songs. One is now out with a video - Wrath Of Judgement. The audio was recorded in Stockholm
using a Mesa Dual Rectifier, Engl Powerball and Engl 4x12's, ESP, Jackson and Yamaha guitars, Pearl drums, Sabian cymbals, Rode and Shure mic's and Trace Elliot bass gear. The girls have done most the recording themselves but parts was recorded by Lasse and he is also in charge of mixing the production.
At present only the video version of Wrath Of Judgement is released but the rest of the tracks will soon follow. There's also a full length version of Wrath Of Judgement being released in the full 5-song demo package.

This is the video:

By popular demand we've made a habit of listing software used in the recording:
(We do this because we don't see competition as competition but as companions so if you
like the sound you can get a good idea of how it was achieved). The listings are not in order
of use.

Drums: Compressor (Kjaerhus), EQ (Kjaerhus), Reverb (Nomad Factory), Valve Driver (Nomad Factory), For the snare they agreed on using samples and Drumagog through Superior Drummer 2. Lasse has not provided triggering specifics beyond that.

Guitars: (SM 57's off axis) Compressor (Focusrite, Oxford, Wave Arts, Kjaerhus), EQ (Kjaerhus, Blue Cat, Oxford), Reverb (Wave Arts, Nomad Factory). Although recorded, no DI's used.

Bass: (SM 57's off axis and DI) Amplitube X-Gear (On DI signal), Compressor (Focusrite, Wave Arts, Waves), EQ (Kjaerhus, Blue Cat, Waves), Valve Driver (Nomad Factory).

Lead Vocals: Compressor (Focusrite, Wave Arts), EQ (Kjaerhus), De-esser (Waves) and a slight reverb (Wave Arts).

Backing Vocals: Basically the same as vocals.

More about the band: or

/Chief Sneakster